A majority of the shows at The Lexington Village Theatre use the seating chart shown below. There are three sections: Cabaret, Main Level, and Balcony. The pictures below show a general layout of each section with a description as well.

seating chart

Cabaret Section

The Cabaret section is on the ground level, the closest section to the stage. It offers luxurious leather seats with a cocktail table and lamp for each pair of chairs. A cocktail waitress will serve you drinks, should you want them, from our full bar that is located to the left of the Cabaret.

**This section is Handicap accessible and offers the most flexibility should that be an issue.**

seating chart

Main Level

The Main Level is located directly behind the cabaret. It is tiered seating and is two steps up so as to allow for a clear view of the stage without being blocked by the Cabaret section in front. There is an aisle in the middle that splits the Main Level in two. Easy access to the bar located to the left.

seating chart


The Balcony is the third and final section. It offers tiered seating and an amazing view of the stage as it is directly above the main level and free of any obstructions. There is a cash bar in the balcony for easier access, allowing people to not have to go back downstairs for a drink. Please keep in mind that the only access to the balcony is via a flight of stairs so those whom may have difficulties with that, be advised.

VIP General Admission

VIP General Admission

There are a few select shows each year that The Lexington Village Theatre will use a different seating chart. This seating chart is generally used for larger shows as is allows us to sell more tickets to accomodate the larger demand.

The VIP General Admission replaces the Cabaret Section and is now standing room only. These tickets are unlike most venue's General Admission as these are the closest to the stage and offer the best view. There will be hi-top tables in the allotted area where people can stand around and set drinks down. Patrons will know that a show is using the VIP General Admission because there will no longer be Cabaret. These tickets are General Admission meaning you simply buy as many as you like and will be allowed to enter the standing area but do not have a reserved seat.

**The Main Level and Balcony are unaffected when this seating chart is used so you may still buy actual reserved seats for these perticular shows!**