Sweet Tea Trio Interview

Listen HERE to Sweet Tea Trio’s interview with Paul Miller of WPHM 1380.  Victoria Camp, Savannah Coker and Kate Falcon discuss their upcoming show at the Lexington Village Theatre on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Journeyman’s Shaun Hague Interview

Journeyman’s Shaun Hague discusses the upcoming Tribute to Eric Clapton show at the Lexington Village Theatre on Friday, October 20, 2017.  Listen to the interview HERE


Karaoke Contest Round 1 Results

IMG_3898 (2)

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Round 1 of the Lexington Village Theatre & Pub Karaoke Contest. Congratulations to the contestants who are advancing to Semi-Finals on Sat, Jan 23rd:
-Alex Dietz
-April Cutler
-Beth Eschenburg
-Bryon McCLain
-Elizabeth Ealey
-Garrett Veal
-Kathy Parraghi
-Nick Eisinger
-Stacy Egan
-Tyler Ruchgy

Round 2 is on Sat, Jan 16th at 8pm. Register for Round 2 by downloading the rules and registration form at http://villagepublexington.com/lexington-villag…/activities/

E-mail the completed form to info@villagepublexington.com All registration forms MUST BE turned in BEFORE 7pm on Sat, Jan 16th. For questions, please message the Lexington Village Theatre & Pub page or call 810-359-5108.

Karaoke Contest

WPHM 1380 Interview w/ Becky Hortop

Listen to Paul Miller of WPHM 1380 interview with Lexington Village Theatre Manager, Becky Hortop.

Click to hear the original interview HERE